An Unparalleled Experience

Why do c-level leaders rate LTC 100 4.8 out of 5? Because LTC 100 consistently delivers
the most strategic thinking and exceptional networking, in an environment unlike any other.


“LTC 100 is always the best. I take the most away from LTC 100 versus any other conference.” - Melissa Powell, COO, Genesis HealthCare


Jewish Religious Accommodations

At LTC 100, we are committed to delivering a seamless religious experience for our observant guests.

  • Gourmet kosher cuisine by EB Catering of Atlanta (for executives and spouses)
  • Davening location throughout the conference
  • Daily prayer services before and after conference activities
  • A dedicated WhatsApp user group

All-Inclusive Attendance

Your attendee fee covers all education, recreation, airport transfers, conference materials, meals and
receptions – everything except lodging and incidental personal expenses.

White Glove Customer Service

At LTC 100, we genuinely care about your experience, which we tailor with detail, convenience, and elegance.

Green Foods

We’ve replaced much of the meat on our menus with vegetables and reduced overall beef consumption. Promoting green foods is one of the simplest ways to reduce one’s individual
carbon footprint.