Executive Program

In today’s post-pandemic healthcare economy, SNFs have to step up and fend for themselves. It’s this sentiment of self-determination that is the inspiration for this year’s LTC 100 theme: Mission Critical: Seizing Control of Census, Margin and Image. We have very intentionally curated a program designed to inspire purposeful, out-of-the-box thinking. Whether your number one priority is workforce, reimbursement, advocacy or innovation, at LTC 100 you’ll be among the brightest, most enterprising individuals and organizations assembled around a common cause: to help position SNFs for future success. 

LTC 100's Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion: Achieving our mission and vision demands a unique set of perspectives and ideas.  We are committed to showcasing content and creating communities where all forms of diversity contribute to the richness of our customer and employee experience.

Education Attire: Business Casual

The most up-to-date LTC 100 program is available via our app which you can download here or view via desktop browser. Our 2025 program will be released in the Fall.

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A selection of immersive, complimentary recreation experiences are included in your attendance.

 Attire: Casual
Registered spouses/guests can also join

6:00 - 7:30 pm

Welcome Reception

Attire: Resort Casual 

Monday  Back to Top

7:00 - 8:00 am


Grand Ballroom B&C

8:00 - 9:00 am    Opening General Session

Inflection Point: Five Pressing Priorities to Position SNFs for the Future

Grand Ballroom B&C

Opportunity is staring SNFs in the face. Hospitals desperately need reliable discharge channels. Payers want members out of high-cost inpatient beds. And home health providers are ill-equipped to reliably coordinate high-acuity care.  We’re taking a hard look at what it will take to seize on this opportunity (despite the ongoing labor headwinds) in an effort to create reliable growth for the foreseeable future.  

  • Reimagining the rehab-to-long stay ratio 
    Is the future SNF a high-acuity med-surge unit? What are the keys to making that model viable? And is there a compelling business argument for de-coupling the current Medicare/Medicaid hybrid structure?
  • Right-sizing the organization
    Is now the time to buy or sell? Interest rates are high, but so are valuations and transaction volume. So what’s the right portfolio configuration to optimize operational efficiency and drive margin?  
  • Focusing on facility-level leadership
    RN staffing levels are likely going up. Are you adequately invested in high-performing Administrators and DONs? And what does a shift to facility-level autonomy and accountability look like?   
  • Tightening up hospital alignment
    As health systems reel from capacity issues, what are SNFs doing pro-actively to develop discharge solutions for hard-to-place patients? And what is the value of these solutions to hospitals and payers? 
  • Advocating tirelessly for SNFs 
    What more should c-level leaders do to influence policy on the federal, state and local levels? And how do we collectively reframe the narrative on nursing homes to accentuate a positive, constructive image? ​​

Tim Craig
Managing Director
LTC 100

Steve Nee
Diversicare Healthcare Services

Michael Blisko
Infinity Healthcare Management

Lynn Hood
President & CEO
Principle LTC

Jason Murray
PACS Group

9:00 - 9:40 am    General Session

The SNF Survey Process: Is It Time for a Change?

Grand Ballroom B&C

We sit down with key stakeholders to ask critical questions about the current state of nursing home surveys. Is the process yielding better outcomes? What can be done to make inspections more timely? What would it take to create a model that recognizes higher-performing, quality operators?

Steven Littlehale
Chief Innovation Officer
Zimmet Healthcare Services Group

Evan Shulman
Director, Division of Nursing Homes Quality Safety and Oversight Group, Center for Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Heidi Steinecker
Associate Director, US Public Health and Global Health, Ernst & Young; Former CA DPH Deputy

9:40 - 10:10 am


10:10 am - 12:00 pm    General Session

Workforce Development: Doubling Down on Facility-level Leadership

Grand Ballroom B&C

Are we witnessing the dawn of a new era of decentralization? We think so. And the most successful organizations in post-pandemic skilled nursing will be those with workforce development initiatives designed to create a pipeline of really high-quality leadership. This segment of the LTC 100 program will home in on best practices for developing and retaining top-quality Administrators, DONs, Medical Directors, RNs and LPNs. 

Next-Gen Administrator-in-Training Programs

A handful of enterprising SNF organizations are putting major resources toward sourcing, developing and retaining top-notch SNF Administrators. This case study will offer an inside look at one of the best AIT Programs in the nation, including how administrators are recruited, compensated and incentivized based on a philosophy of autonomy and accountability for business performance.

Josh Jergensen
President & COO
PACS Group

Building A Reliable Pipeline of DONs

With SNF quality in the crosshairs in Washington, all indicators point to the Director of Nursing as one of the most critical roles for future success. We’re going inside one organization’s dedicated Director of Nursing development program so they can share what they’ve learned about identifying future directors, ‘natural’ versus ‘nurtured’ leadership skills, the essential role of mentors and preceptors, and how it all translates to committed, motivated nursing leadership.   

Lisa Chubb, RN
Chief Clinical Officer
Brickyard Healthcare

What Makes Nurses Tick? A Deep Dive into the Motivators of RNs and LPNs

This two-part session combines quantitative and qualitative research to delve into the minds of frontline clinicians in order to help SNF leadership gain a greater appreciation for their behavioral motivations. 

MIT Survey: An Empirical Approach to Understanding Nurse Satisfaction
Researchers from the MIT Sloan School of Management share the findings of a comprehensive survey of 130,000 nurses (in conjunction with Glassdoor.com) that uncovers the sources of satisfaction and frustration among the nursing ranks. 

Donald Sull
Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management & Co-Founder, CultureX

LTC 100 Live Focus Group: A Candid Conversation with SNF Nurses
A focus group of RNs and LPNs will share their unvarnished views of likes and dislikes about the nursing home profession, including improvements they’d like to see in management, job flexibility, culture and compensation. The goal is to create a constructive conversation – including live Q&A from the audience – about how SNF management can build better relationships with nurses in order to optimize recruitment and retention.

Rebecca Love, RN
Commission for Nurse Reimbursement

12:00 - 12:55 pm


1:00 - 1:45 pm    General Session

Image Crisis: The Urgent Task of Fixing the Perception of Nursing Homes

Grand Ballroom B&C

Vital stakeholders representing hospitals, legislators and consumers will share candid views of how SNFs are viewed by their respective constituents with the goal of exploring constructive ways to change the narrative around the image of SNFs, including effective advocacy on federal, state and local levels.

JJ Rabinowich
Executive Director
Ambassadors Group

Isaac Longobardi
Director, Nursing Home Coalition Reform (Moving Forward Coalition), LeadingAge

Caitlin Gillooley
Director, Quality & Behavioral Health Policy, American
Hospital Association

Dan Schlacter
VP Health Services
Jarrard Inc.

1:45 - 2:30 pm    General Session

Case Studies in Effective Advocacy

Grand Ballroom B&C

Wielding Influence on Capitol Hill: A Toolbox of Tactics for SNF CEOs

A leading lobbyist for the health system sector will share 30 years of experience on what it takes to effectively lobby in Washington, D.C. Dive into tactics that SNF CEOs can immediately deploy to educate, inform and influence lawmakers at the national level. 

Ilisa Halpern Paul
Senior Policy Advisor
Venable LLP

Successfully Advocating for a Major Increase in Medicaid Reimbursement 

A state association CEO shares a highly successful initiative to increase Medicaid rates for long term care organizations. This case study underscores collaboration across multiple stakeholders, including the critical role that SNF senior leadership played throughout the process.  

Zachary Shamberg
President & CEO
PA Health Care Association

Perpetuating Positivity: Social Media Strategies to Shift the Nursing Home Narrative at the Local Level

A social media marketing guru shares successful – yet surprisingly simple – best practices for turning everyday stories into image-enhancing opportunities. We’ll breakdown the fundamentals of high-impact messaging (as well as what to avoid) and share real-world examples that all LTC 100 attendees can replicate.  

Nathan Jones
Dash Media

2:30 - 3:10 pm    General Session

Town Hall: Mapping Out a Framework for Change

Grand Ballroom B&C

In the wake of our panel discussion and case studies, we open the floor to LTC 100 attendees to weigh in. Based on the entirety of the day’s “Image Crisis” conversation, LTC 100 will collate a list of the best ideas and send it to every executive following the conference.

  • What’s working well? What are you doing or seeing that’s advancing the advocacy effort on the federal, state or local level? 
  • What needs fixing? What are we not doing well as an industry that we need to improve?  
  • Image Crisis! What is the most effective means of shifting the narrative to a pro-SNF story? Where would you start? ​​​​​

Ray Thivierge
Loadstar Advisors

Alice Bonner, PhD, RN
Moving Forward Coalition

Renee Pruzansky
VP Strategy & Business Development
Infinite Care Group

Zach Shamberg
President & CEO
Pennsylvania Health Care Association

3:15 - 4:45 pm

Speed Meetings

We have the most innovative and thought-leading solution partners at LTC 100. These rapid-format meetings are only eight minutes each, and connect providers with eight solution partners who can share some fresh insights on pressing business challenges. You might even find a valuable new business partner.

Partners: Arrive by 3:15 pm at Grand Ballroom A Foyer

Providers: Check-in at 3:15 pm in Grand Ballroom A

6:00 - 9:00 pm

A Night at Blue Sky Ranch 

600 South Port Cochere

Fulfill your ‘Yellowstone’ fantasy with an unforgettable evening at the five-star, breathtaking Park City ranch that includes a reception, gourmet western meal, and a Western dressage “horse show” at the ranch’s own mountainside arena.

 Attire: Casual; Attendees are encouraged to dress in a Western theme (blue jeans, cowboy hat, boots, flannel shirt) although not required. No heels or open toes shoes. This evening will be indoors and heated but please bring a light jacket if you'd like. 

 A shuttle will bring attendees to Blue Sky Ranch, departing from 600 South Porte Cochere at 5:15 pm and 5:30 pm. A return shuttle back to the Grand America will depart the ranch at 9:00 pm.

Tuesday  Back to Top

7:00 - 8:00 am


Grand Ballroom B&C

8:00 - 9:00 am    General Session

The New Super SNF: Migrating to a Model of High-Acuity Transitional Care

Grand Ballroom B&C

The future trajectory for SNFs is higher acuity. So we’re putting the skilled nursing business under the microscope with input from providers on the forefront of the “Super SNF” concept. Our conversation will be guided by several critical questions: What are the most logical episodes of care that allow SNFs to move upstream? How do you balance the economics of higher reimbursement with high-cost workforce? And is there a business model that can accommodate a shift to 60%, 70% or even 80% or more of sub-acute rehab + skilled?

Tim Craig
Managing Director
LTC 100

Tim Fields
CEO & Co-Founder
Ignite Medical Resorts

Kimberly Green
Diakonos Group

Nicole Kaufman
Chief Transformation
Officer, Genesis HealthCare

Carl Tabor
President & CEO
Avamere Living

9:00 - 10:30 am    General Session

New Frontiers: Bold Ideas to Grow the SNF Business 

Grand Ballroom B&C

We’ve identified eight new growth opportunities for enterprising SNF organizations, from PACE programs to private-pay beds. Presenters will emphasize the economics of their respective models, including staffing considerations, reimbursement, and the contribution to the organization’s bottom line.

Making the Leap to PACE

For SNFs with the right experience (or partnerships) in home health, hospice and acute care, it’s time to take a closer look at PACE. The economics of this fully capitated model are surprisingly compelling.

Steve Hess
EVP PACE & President, Florida PACE Centers, Miami Jewish Health

Converting SNFs to Private Pay AL

Here’s one solution if your long-stay population is over-regulated and under-reimbursed. Flip to private pay, Medicaid-subsidized Assisted Living. It exists! And it’s less regulated, with better margins.

Michelle Godfrey
President & CEO
Attic Angel Community

Developing a Preferred Provider Network

SNFs can gain negotiating strength with payers by putting aside competitive legacy thinking and collaborating around standards for high-quality care, outcomes and patient experience.

Carl Tabor
President & CEO
Avamere Living

Closing MA Care Gaps

A new revenue opportunity is emerging to help MA plans close critical care gaps – such as discharge planning, medication adherence and wellness screenings – on an ad hoc, per-gap payment basis.

Brian Fuller
Managing Director, Value-Based Care Design & Delivery
ATI Advisory

Navigating Care into the Home

For organizations accountable for episodes beyond the SNF stay, one alternative to partnering with home health is to build and manage your own in-community “SNF Without Walls” model.

Leslie Cunningham Campbell
Touchstone Communities

Carving Out Memory Care

An underexploited opportunity in many states is to convert unused beds to dementia units. The model relies on specialty therapy and a greenhouse structure, and is financed by add-on Medicaid payments.

Deke Cateau
The A. G. Rhodes Homes

Embracing the Household Model

Converting to a household model requires a big capital outlay, but the payoff can be huge, including high resident satisfaction, a larger mix of skilled care, and leverage to negotiate with payers.

Jim Tucker
President & CEO
CommCare Management Corp

Standing Up an In-House Medical Group

One approach to coordinating value-based care is to create your own NP-led provider group, purpose-built to encourage right-place-of-care (over volume) and focused on chronic care management as well as transitions of care.

Justin Bhandari
SVP Strategy & Special Projects

10:30 - 11:15 am


11:15 am - 12:10 pm    Concurrent Sessions

Innovators, Pioneers & Disruptors

Grand Ballroom A or Grand Ballroom D

Despite the enormous pressure on the SNF business over the last few years – or maybe because of it – innovation is surging in the post acute care sector. We’re showcasing inventive companies, concepts and technologies transforming key aspects of the skilled nursing business, in particular workforce, operations, and clinical care.

Streamlining Referral Management with RPA

This tech-savvy provider organization is using in-house Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to analyze and assess prospective referrals in order to cut down on intake processing. And it’s working!

Laura Litke, RN
Director Clinical Integration & Business Development
CarDon & Associates

Tom McClelland
VP & Chief Technology Officer
CarDon & Associates

Realizing the ACO Reach Opportunity

SNFs and physician services companies are partnering to serve high needs ACO patients through a model that allows for a shared-savings upside for both the doctors and the skilled nursing facilities.

Wesley Rogers
President & CEO
Brickyard Healthcare

Kevin Pezeshkian
Chief Strategy Officer
Theoria Medical

A Better Way to Measure SNF Quality?

Is there a better tool for consumers to evaluate SNFs than Nursing Home Compare? The Health team at U.S. News thinks so, and its data analysts will describe the science behind its Best Nursing Homes ratings.

Ben Harder
Managing Editor & 
Chief Health Analysis
U.S. News & World Report

Inside the SNF-At-Home Model

Is high-acuity care at-home a threat or opportunity for SNFs? This convener on the leading edge of the model will describe who it serves, how it’s paid, and whether it’s replicable for post-acute providers.

David Zimmerman
SVP Growth
Inbound Health

Maximizing Advance Practice Nursing

One NJ-based SNF has found a novel way to outsource NPs, who bill other providers’ iSNPs. It brings new revenue to the SNF and serves as a retention tool for the NPs who gain top-of-the-license autonomy.

Christopher Metternich
Windsor Healthcare

Afrika Parks, RN
Chief Clinical Officer
Windsor Healthcare

Outsourcing CMOs

With value-based care coordination dependent on seamless medical direction, some SNFs have found success with CMO service lines whose networks of NPs and MDs ensure engagement and accountability.

Arif Nazir, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Abode Care Partners

Mike Easley
American Senior Communities

Ramping Up Respiratory Acuity

One Utah-based SNF is raising its respiratory acuity with the help of a vertical sister division. This inter-company collaboration is improving skilled mix and facilitating career advancement for nurses. 

Ryan Ross
Executive Director, Provo Rehabilitation & Nursing
(Ensign Group Affiliate)

Brent Wilson
New Business Market Leader/
Executive Director, Arris Healthcare & Bridge Dialysis
(Ensign Group Affiliate)

The Behavioral Health Partnership Model 

Behavioral health is an opportunity for SNFs. But coordination is highly complex. So some SNFs are partnering with BH conveners, who handle hiring, credentialing, documentation and reimbursement.

Michael Cohen
Sandstone Healthcare Group

Bill Treese
CEO & Founder
Behavioral Health Solutions

Radar Based Continuous Monitoring for Early Intervention

Autonomous, non-contact radar sensors are empowering clinicians and providers to detect early deterioration. Gain insight into alternative payment sources and the ability to coordinate care with physicians and physician extenders to optimize clinical efficacy and outcomes.

Susan Coppola
Advisory Specialist
Sabra Health Care REIT

Linda Mayhue, RN
Senior Director, Clinical & Customer Success
Xandar Kardian Inc.

Enhancing Rehab through Advanced Analytics

A new generation of patient data platforms specifically designed for therapy services is giving SNF providers the ability to create personalized care plans that help drive operational efficiency and better rehab outcomes. 

Eran Arden
CEO & Founder

Andrea Gele
VP Case Management
Marquis Health Services

12:10 - 1:00 pm


1:00 - 1:45 pm    General Session

Featured Speaker
The Culture Equation: Creating A Culture That Wins

Grand Ballroom B&C

Culture is king, especially in today’s challenging operating environment. The fundamentals that drive your business – such as motivating DONs, managing state inspectors, and standing up iSNPs – all become exponentially harder without it. We will break down the core components of a winning culture. What are the building blocks? Who sets the tone? How do you engender buy-in? And how does it all translate to results?

Jessica Kriegel, EdD is Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture at Culture Partners, and formerly an organizational development leader with Oracle. She guides organizations, including many Fortune 100, on creating intentional cultures that accelerate performance.

2:15 - 5:30 pm

Recreation Experiences

A selection of immersive, complimentary experiences are included in your attendance.

Casual Attire
Registered spouses/guests can also join

6:00 - 10:00 pm

Speakeasy Reception & Dinner 

Grand Ballroom A

Join LTC 100 for an evening of defiance, as we re-create a 1920s Speakeasy complete with bathtub gin and jumpin’ jazz.  Come as you like – or dress to impress! Either way, you’re guaranteed an evening of intrigue, glamour, and enchantment you won’t soon forget.

Attire: Cocktail or dress in your finest 1920s inspired fashion (flapper dress, dapper suit, fedora, newsboy cap)

Wednesday  Back to Top

7:00 - 8:00 am


Grand Ballroom B&C

8:00 - 8:45 am


The Brave New World of AI & Healthcare: The Good, The Bad, The Future 

Grand Ballroom B&C

AI is having a Moore’s Law moment. What we think we know of its potential today will be exponentially increased in only a few short years. So to wrap our collective brains around what that future looks like and to paint a picture of how AI will impact healthcare overall – and senior care in particular – Tom Lawry, the recent National Director for Artificial Intelligence for Health and Life Sciences at Microsoft, will share a future vision of the transformative potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence.     

Tom Lawry is a preeminent expert in AI and Healthcare, a leading advisor to health and medical leaders around the world, and the best-selling author of Hacking Healthcare – How AI and the Intelligent Health Revolution Will Reboot an Ailing System. Having served as Microsoft’s National Director for Artificial Intelligence for Health and Life Sciences, and Director of Worldwide Health, Tom earned the recognition in 2023 as one of the nation’s “Top 20 AI Voices to Watch.”  His writings have been featured in Forbes, CEO Magazine and Harvard Business Review, among many others.   

8:45 - 9:00 am    General Session

How AI-Enabled Startups are Disrupting Senior Care

Grand Ballroom B&C

We will share an insider’s snapshot of the most innovative new forms of AI and machine learning technologies flooding the spectrum of senior care, from advanced robotics to revolutions in recruitment software.

Tom McClelland
VP & Chief Technology Officer
CarDon & Associates

9:00 - 10:00 am    General Session

Technology Showcase: Cutting-Edge AI Solutions for Long Term Care

Grand Ballroom B&C

A curated selection of emerging AI solutions designed to drive clinical, operational and workforce efficiencies.


Their Private CoPilot mines data to anticipate individual resident preferences, identify health trends, recommend personalized care plans, reduce costs, and minimize risks to inform value-based care decisions.

Gavin McLaughlin
Director of Data & AI Services

Allison Kelly, RN
VP Clinical & Clinical Operations
Genesis HealthCare

Oler Health

Oler technology transforms health system referral PDFs into actionable insights for clinicians. The result: reduced paperwork, supports robust care planning, thorough reimbursement/QM capture, and strong managed care denials management.

Justin  Quall
Co-Founder & CEO
Oler Health

Eddie Keele
Mission Health Services


Advanced predictive analytics that craft data-driven personalized patient snapshots to optimize acute to post-acute discharge workflows and accurate care projections on a patient-by-patient basis.

Nir Barak
Head of Sales & Customer Service

Matthew Fenley
Chief Business Development Officer
The Allure Group


A compliance management platform that converts uploaded citation PDFs into corrective plans, audits, and training materials. Providers can slash prep time by 85%, minimize operational disruptions and get insights on regional trends for CMS compliance and risk reduction.

Matt Just